The Best Buildings of Hong Kong, China

The existence of skyscrapers in Hong Kong started in 1935 when Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building was completed. After the construction of this building, many high rise structures followed and these are some of the best buildings in Hong Kong today. They are not only famed for their structure but designs as well. Most of these buildings are located in the city centre.

International Commerce Centre

This skyscraper is made of concrete and glass is its façade material. Its architectural style is highly influenced by modernism and it is used as hotel commercial office. The design was finalized in 2001 and there were a total of four designs proposed before it was finalized. Its original design has a pyramidal top but it was changed into a new design by KPF. There are two International Finance Centre at its opposite side and it has been declared the tallest building in Hongkong. Near the top portion of this building is the 7-start Ritz Carlton hotel equipped with 300 rooms. The said hotel will also be considered the highest elevated hotel in the world.

Central Plaza

This is also a skyscraper consists of pile foundation and glass façade material. Its stand out feature is the multi-colored curtain wall. With its post modern architectural style, it remains one of the many attractive buildings in Hongkong that never ceases to amaze passersby. This infrastructure is used as a commercial office and it is also considered one of the tallest building in Hong Kong before the Two International Finance Centre was completed. The tower mast measures 102m tall and its highest floor has a pyramidal atrium. During the Hong Kong Tourism Commission’s Victoria Harbour Lighting Plan, this building was one of the chosen skyscrapers.

Bank of China Tower

Another structure of interest in Hong Kong is known as the Bank of China Tower. It has a space truss structural system and the façade materials include glass and aluminum. Its architectural style is based on structural expressionism and this is used as a commercial office. It consists of 15-storey atrium and this is one of the first buildings outside the United States to exceed the 1000 foot mark. That being said, this is considered the tallest building outside America before the completion of Central Plaza in 1992.

Hopewell Centre

This structure is situated on a slope and because it is so steep, the building’s rear entrance in the 17th floor. It is located in Queen’s Road East in Wanchai and it measures 216 meters tall. This has already replaced Jardine House as the tallest building in Hong Kong. It features revolving restaurant and a private swimming pool at the roof top. The building is indeed extraordinary as it is made of the finest materials that always leave locals and visitors in awe.

HSBC Main Building

This building is HSBC’s headquarters and it took seven years for this building to be completed. It costs HK $5.2 billion to create interesting designs of this megastructure. It serves as a place for gathering especially during weekends for domestic workers.