Tips for Staying Healthy while Traveling

When most people decide to travel, they never account for times in which they may get sick. However, when this happens, people need to know what they should do in order to get to feeling better. Those who have traveled in the past and never experienced any type of sickness are going to find they never think about what they would do if they do become ill. But, for those who are serious about planning their trip to the point in which they have everything under control and even plan for the unexpected, then knowing what to do when sick and on vacation is something in which they must factor in.

It is important to note that when traveling there are times in which your health insurance will not be recognized. This is especially true when traveling to a foreign country. With this being said those who are traveling and plan to be out of their home country for more than a few weeks, they are going to find buying a health insurance plan that covers travel is essential. There are many health span online discounts in which the person can use to get the coverage for any even lower price than what they expect. This type of insurance can be purchased for weeks or months at a time. It will allow the person to see any network doctor in any country they may be in. This allows the person to get the health advice and medications they may need to get to feeling better and healthier.

Those who are traveling will find this insurance to be invaluable. There are times in which the person contracts some illness that is only found in certain localities. This is a time in which they need to ensure they are seeing a local doctor to get the right prognoses and medication to battle this. If a person does not have this type of health insurance, they are going to find it harder to be treated, and in the end, they may cut their vacation short because they do feel so bad. Having this insurance is the only way to truly be prepared for when you are traveling.

Traveling without Car Insurance?

Going on holiday is exciting, and today there are many places that can be reached easily by car; however, you may be concerned about the legality of driving abroad. Drivers are often put off with driving whilst on holiday due to the excess charges for insurance policies. However if you use the right company, you will be able to find an affordable policy.

Regardless of where you intend to drive, or for how long, you will need some form of car insurance. Therefore, researching the different companies and the policies they offer is essential to guarantee that you get the best price. Insurance is never cheap; however, there are several affordable policies available if you are willing to search.

The Internet has become the perfect place to search for anything, and insurance policies can be time consuming. Therefore, choosing the best company for your temporary insurance is essential, to guarantee that you take out the correct policy. Once you begin to search for the right policies, you may find it is incredibly daunting.

Using top quality companies guarantee that you find the policy which suits your needs and budget. Every element of the policy can be easily understood, and there are no hidden charges or complicated clauses. Whether you need the policy for a day, week, or a whole month there are some excellent deals for everyone.

Driving abroad can be daunting, therefore, more accidents happen, causing policies to be claimed on whilst on holiday. People are often concerned that an accident abroad will cause their every day policy to be affected. This is never the case if you use the correct company for your temporary insurance whilst on holiday.

Any claims that you do have to make whilst abroad, can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your normal policy is not affected. This is a huge incentive for people to take out the insurance, and experiencing driving whilst on holiday. You will see far more of the place you are visiting if you are mobile.

There are different elements to every policy, and you need to ensure that you understand what cover you have, and how to make a claim. Roadside recovery is typically included, which is excellent and will ensure that you are never stranded. Driving with confidence is far easier if you know that you are fully insured.

Searching for the best temporary insurance can be done easily online, and this will guarantee that you find the right policy, at an affordable price. Every element of the policy can be completed using the website. You will need to print off the policy, and carry it with you whilst driving, providing you with the company details and ways to contact them during your holiday.

The Top Carnival’s in the World

There is no better party atmosphere than Carnival. The celebration leading into Lent can last for more than a week in some cities. There are cities all over the world that celebrate Carnival. Most of the best places to spend Carnival are in Latin America, but there are a few notable exceptions. Follow this guide to the best places in the world to celebrate Carnival, brought to you by the guys from Cruise1st. For last minute cruise bookings, check out their official website. And now, on to our top five carnivals from around the world!


Any list of the best cities in the world to spend Carnival has to start with Rio de Janeiro. No place on Earth has a bigger or better party atmosphere for Carnival. The city has spent many years perfecting the art of celebrating Carnival. Rio de Janeiro has been holding Carnival celebrations since 1723.

More than 2 million people flood the streets for the massive parades that the city runs to celebrate the festival. In all, more than 4.6 million people come to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Carnival. To put into perspective what a massive party this is in Brazil, consider the fact that 80% of Rio de Janeiro’s annual beer consumption takes place during Carnival.

The parades are led by groups of dancers and musicians from samba schools throughout the city. Their energetic music and festive costumes make this one of the most exciting spectacles on the planet.

Barranquilla, Colombia

While not quite as large as Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival celebration, Carnival in Barranquilla is an amazing party in its own right. The city compete shuts down during Carnival. Parades and dances take over the streets. The whole city becomes one gigantic party. Carnival in Barranquilla begins four days prior to Ash Wednesday.

One of the best parts of Barranquilla’s Carnival scene is the wide variety of music styles that can be heard. There is African conga, Spanish paloteo, indigenous musical styles and the many homegrown Colombian sounds. The Colombian musical style cumbia is the most prevalent during Barranquilla’s Carnival. Cumbia combines African drum beats with Spanish guitar and accordion to create a wonderful sound.

New Orleans, USA

Carnival is not a big celebration many places in the United States, with the most notable exception being New Orleans. Carnival is known as Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The city has been celebrating Mardi Gras since 1830. There are lots of parades, costumes and masked balls.

The biggest day of the celebration is the last day of Carnival, known as Fat Tuesday. This day sees hundreds of thousands of people line the streets to enjoy the parades and music. In all, more than a million people attend Mardi Gras annually.

One of the more colorful things about Mardi Gras is that it has become a tradition for women to bare their breasts in exchange for beads being thrown to them. Needless to say, Mardi Gras is more of a draw for adults than families.


Outside of Rio de Janeiro, no place in the world attracts more visitors to Carnival than Veracruz. The city builds the world’s largest temporary stadium every year for the event. Over the nine days that the stadium is open, more than 3 million people will pay for the privilege of coming through the gates to celebrate Carnival. The stadium is capable of seating more than 400,000 people. The seating is tiered with lots of boxes for people to host their own exclusive bashes.

Veracruz also has lots of celebrations outside of the stadium during Carnival. Every day there is a parade that winds through the city’s streets. The parades have floats, musicians, dancers and performers. The biggest parade is held along the Oceanside on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

Venice, Italy

The first Carnival celebration in the world was held in Venice all the way back in the 12th century. For centuries, the city was known for having the grandest Carnival celebration in the word. Venice may no longer have the biggest or best Carnival celebration, but it is still a great place to enjoy it.

Nearly 3 million people come every year to celebrate Carnival in Venice. The biggest part of the celebration is the wearing of masks. The biggest event is a competition for the best mask that draws the best costume designers in the world.

Getting Way Off the Grid in Antarctica

Do you want a unique experience on a holiday? Traveling to Antarctica is one thing that you should try even once in your lifetime. Why? When it comes to vast, white wilderness and mountain ranges, nothing compares to the stunning beauty of Antarctica. The enormous ice bergs, amazing land mass covered with snow-white ice simply heightens ones feeling of humanitys insignificance and natures awe-inspiring grandeur. The coldest place on Earth is now one of tourists best vacation destinations. Unlike the traditional beach and mountain vacations, Antarctica offers varied activities which are not usually done in traditional trips. Heres a list of activities which make Antarctica the next best thing for adventurous tourists.

As far as great experiences are concerned, travelling to Antarctica has so many wonderful experiences to offer. Discover unique activities that you can do while in Antarctica or even while still on flight on the way there.

The trip alone is breathtaking! One will never forget crossing Southern Ocean on the way to Antarctica. This will definitely mark as one of the most unique experiences. The powerful aircraft that takes explorers and scientists to Antarctica will also be used by visitors. The flight to Southern hemispheres starts in Cape Town, South Africa. Then expect an exhilarating tour of the vast ocean with low-pressure system and increasing speed as the aircraft takes you to the magical white kingdom of Antarctica.

Some companies offer Antarctica travel via ships. Travel companies offer guides, stunning views of wildlife and vistas. Tours made via ships takes many days but the experiences are also plenty and many things are learned. Getting online reservations now are even possible and you get to choose varied tour packages you and your family will definitely enjoy.

See unique wildlife at close range. Visitors are often brought to the peninsula to start the excursion. One famous activity is observing penguin colony. There are so much to learn about their ways of life and habitat. Some companies offer cruise which allow some tourists to see whales. Seals are often seen on ice floes and animals like Snowy Sheathbills are also fun to watch.

Experience kayaking in Antarctica. One of the best things to try is kayaking. New wonders are expected to unfold before the eyes of the tourists while kayak takes them to various sites. Of course, an expert guide will accompany them. Kayaking adventures in Antarctica will be a topnotch higher when tourists witness the grandeur of so numerous icebergs, islands covered in ice and the wildlife.

Camp on the most unique locations on Earth. The best thing about camping in Antarctica is the complete solitude and silence that the place offers. Another interesting experience is watching the night filled with the entire constellations close enough to touch. It is like being in the outer space and living on a strange planet. Camping is Antarctica is a unique experience that will surely take your breath away.

If you want a totally unique vacation destination, Antarctica will no doubt offer so many experiences that is far from ordinary.