Five Reasons to Visit Portugal

It’s nearly December. The mornings are dark and cold when we get up to leave for work, and the nights are dark and cold when we drive home from work. Christmas is nearly here, and we are all looking for a little bit of escapism to help us cope with what can traditionally be a bit of a stressful and depressing time of year.

What better way to do this than by planning where your next summer holiday will be? I know, I know, there are a thousand and one considerations to make, with budget being a major one. But this is what makes Portugal such a great choice. Not only does Portugal continue to offer some of the best value holidays in Europe, it’s year-round fantastic weather, and ease of transport make it a great choice for anyone looking for a holiday outside of the months of May-September.

When you mention Portugal, most people automatically think of the Algarve, which is a shame as the West Coast has a multitude of sandy beaches and charming older hotels just waiting to be explored.

Here are 5 of our favorite reasons to love Portugal:

1. New Family Resort

The most talked about new family resort for 2013 is the Martinhal Beach Resort, which is situated just near Sagres. Appealing to any families who enjoy the rugged surfing resorts of North Cornwall, this pretty traditional resort features a Town Square, indoor and outdoor pools and a children’s playground.

2. Old Fashioned Hospitality

Even in the most modern Portuguese resorts, such as Lisbon or Porto, the shopkeepers, restaurateurs and café owners seem to move at a slower pace to the rest of the Europe. Staff are polite and courteous even when there’s a language barrier.

3. Better Accessibility

Easyjet have a new base in Lisbon, allowing thousands of extra tourists easier access to the City, as well as more choice and cheaper flights. In addition, if you choose to stay in the City, the new metro station will be able to whizz you to your hotel in no time at all!

4. Vicentine Coast

If you think the Algarve will be too crowded and busy, then you should head for the Vicentine Coast, which is easily reached using the motorway. This unique slice of Portugal features rivers, beaches, steep dramatic cliffs, and fields of brightly coloured flowers. It’s a natural park and is a protected area of stunning landscape, formed by the sea and mountains.

5. Great value for money

Whilst the euro crisis may not have been great news for Europeans (in particular the Portuguese) it has been wonderful for tourists! Portugal is relying on visitors to help swell its bank accounts, and in order to attract them they have been consistently lowering their prices. Even the most luxury of accommodation is a third of the price anywhere else in Europe.

If you have already fallen in love with this beautiful country and are considering travelling there again this year, or better still taking advantage of the low prices by investing in a holiday home there, then you should check out Portugal Real Estate online. You will be surprised at the choice of property available to suit almost every taste and budget. What are you waiting for?