Morocco’s Natural Wonders

Morocco is an ideal location for touring natural landmarks, with landscape ranging from desert to mountainside. Hiking, camel riding, and rock climbing are available to enjoy at one’s leisure, yet even the least athletic of people would appreciate this country’s rugged surroundings. With so much to do and see, there are plenty of natural attractions for the eye to behold: here are a few ways to make the most of your Morocco breaks.

Hiking the High Atlas

Take time to explore the High Atlas Mountains, which are a natural wonder to behold and stretch partway across the country. It’s quite the journey to Mount Toubkal, which is North Africa’s highest peak, so make sure you bring an experienced guide with you from Marrakech or from a smaller Berber settlement located along the valleys.

If Mount Toubkal seems too difficult, you can hike or camp through smaller peaks and enjoy the Berber villages that you come across. You should also take precautions and bring reinforcements such as food, water, and camping gear, as a journey is likely to take several days.

Camel Ride through the Sahara

People have travelled the Sahara Desert for millennia, wandering the dunes of the largest non-polar desert in the world. If you have never been on a camel before, then the Sahara Desert will offer you an unforgettable experience: you can rent a camel from Marrakech or a smaller Berber village. Also in this case, it is strongly recommended you hire the help of a local who can navigate the Sahara and load your luggage onto a camel. You can climb sand dunes, camp underneath a starry sky and, in the morning, bask in the breathtaking beauty of a rich Saharan sunrise.

Climb Todra Gorge

With dramatic walls that can reach a height of 300 meters at its tallest, little sunlight reaches the floor of Todra Gorge. If you care to brave the frigid night-time temperatures, especially in the wintertime, there are campsites that run along the length of this canyon. Otherwise, there are hotels and restaurants along the bottom, which don’t quite offer an all-natural experience, but allow one to wander at night in comfort.

In the daytime, hike along the route and reflect on the knowledge that this was once a river. It is best to begin in the morning, which is the only time of the day at which the sun will shine into the canyon. Later on, temperatures are likely to drop significantly.

Finally, you can also go rock climbing along the canyon walls: there are almost 400 different climbing routes available from a wide range of different climbing levels, with the Pilier du Couchant being one of the most difficult routes to navigate. Plage Mansour is recommended if you are a novice climber, especially because this route is likely to get more exposure to sunlight.

Whether you go hiking, climbing, or camping, Morocco offers many opportunities to take in the natural scenery and gaze in awe at the breathtaking beauty of its gorgeous landscapes.