Dhaka – An Introduction to Indian Life

Every place kind of has its own story. Discovering these stories while traveling is pretty amazing. Im going to tell some stories of a small crowded city, Dhaka. Traveling here can give you a quite unique experience, its not so much the kind of traveling place that gives you some fresh air and great view, but it certainly can be interesting.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a small south Asian country, with area of 56,977 square miles. Dhaka is almost an over populated city. But there are many things you can enjoy here, if you know the right place to find them. Historical places, greatest south Indian foods, best but cheapest shopping places all can be found in this one small city. Besides, you can discover amazing little details about life in small and simple places where middle class people live.

Dhaka is the place of various kinds of spicy foods. You can just go to the old town where you will find foods like Biriani which is prepared with special kind of rice and meat. There are also a huge number of different dishes of red and white meat. They are spicy and mouthwatering. You can eat many popular snacks, like Fuchka and Chotpoti. They are served with a sour sauce, and I cant explain the delicious taste unless you eat them. These snacks can be found in any shopping place or road side shops. But these foods are not always hygienic, so you have to be careful. You can have normal fast food and western foods here. But it will be foolish not to taste the spice of Dhaka.
Dhaka is the place of different type of clothing. As many clothes are imported from Bangladesh, you may find fashionable western dress for men and women, other garments for various uses which are cheap to buy. New Market is biggest market for shopping in cheap. Arong is a famous brand of Bangladesh that sells traditional and local designer clothes and other things. There are many show rooms of it in Dhaka city.

From ancient days, Dhaka was the center of various important events of Bangladesh. If you are interested in history, Dhaka can be a really intriguing travelling site for you. Lalbag Fort, Sonargaon, Ahasan Manzil are the places where different kings ruled in ancient times. Bangladesh has a bloody history of Freedom Fight, in 1971. 3 millions of Bangladeshi died for the independence of the country. There are some memorials for different events of this war in Dhaka.

Dhaka city put on a complete different color on Bangla New Year. It is on April 14th. All the people walk around with traditional red and white dress. Big colorful crowd cover up the whole city. The longest road paint of the world was made in this Bangla New Year of 2012 in Dhaka city.

You can come to Dhaka, to feel the lives among people who are struggling every day. There are amazing places, and also many ordinary narrow places. You may wonder how people live in such a noisy place. But this is our home, and we cant live without this noise or crowd. Welcome to the school of life.