Making a Trip to Corsica

Conveniently located off the French cost, Corsica offers holidaymakers almost endless seaside, historical monuments and mountains for nature lovers. It is also a popular destination for those looking to unwind from the rat race of life by renting a villa holiday.

A villa holiday is a type of accommodation where you get all the perks of a real home located in a destination of your choice. Unlike other types of accommodation you can be your own boss setting your own times and restrictions. If you are looking to rent a villa in Corsica, here what to bear in mind:

Travel insurance – Villa packages will most likely exclude two types of important insurance policies. One is personal travel insurance that is meant to provide financial protection in case of a medical emergency and the second villa insurance that is meant to provide contents insurance against accidental damage. Before commencing on your journey, ensure that both levels of travel insurance are available for you and for your party.

Car hire – You can get by in Corsica by using either public transport or hiring your own car. Hiring a car will give you the option to explore some of the amazing mountain scenery with attractive towns and villages located all around. You can do so directly with the holiday villa company or by using one of the major service suppliers.

Transfers – Renting a villa makes you your own boss and so you are responsible for traveling from the airport or seaport to the villa. Most packages will exclude this cost and you should make your own plans prior to avoid disappointment and wasted time.

Paying for your Corsica villa – Most packages will require an initial deposit and the rest paid prior to your arrival. Clearly you are right to feel slightly unease with paying before you had a chance to start your vacation. You can place certain safeguards against your money by using an ATOL and ABTA service. These government schemes will guarantee your money in case the travel company goes into administration.